Check My Credit Report

Checking Your Credit Score When Applying For A Mortgage

Don’t settle for an incomplete picture on your credit score.

See everything there is to see with data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Almost all mortgage lenders will look at your credit report.

Each mortgage lender uses a specific credit checking agency, or multiple credit referencing agencies to assist them in their final lending decision.

By using a multi- agency credit report to check your current financial situation and borrowing history, it will help you and our expert mortgage brokers see what data the lenders are basing part of their lending decision on.

It can also help you work out if you need to improve your credit history before making your mortgage application.

The contents of the credit report will impact which mortgage lenders you can access, and which mortgage deals are available to you and our mortgage advisers can also assist you in reviewing this information.

Mortgage lenders base mortgage decisions on several factors, ultimately what a mortgage lender is trying to decide when they are lending money is your level of reliability when repaying debts, trustworthy and can afford to repay back the mortgage borrowing.

*Credit score check will forward you to an external website, the information and accuracy of which  Broadland Consultants do not control. Please note this is an on-going credit checking subscription service from Check My File which can be cancelled online at the Check My File website. Broadland Consultants will receive referral revenue from Check My File as part of their partner marketing proposition for delivering their credit checking services.

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