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UK Mortgage Lenders Tighten Affordability Tests
14th April 2022

By Simon Gilvey

Live Search Mortgage Deals Here Increasing bills, tax rises, increased interest rates and big hike in cost of household basics such a food shopping have pushed some mortgage lenders in the UK to recalculate their background affordability models. Home buyers and Home owners wanting to take out a new mortgage could soon struggle to get …

Mortgage Approvals Help
12th March 2022

By Simon Gilvey

Live Search Mortgage Deals Here In the UK, about 12% of potential property buyers either can’t get a mortgage, or can’t get the one they want due to strict lending rules which the Bank of England is thinking about relaxing. If the Bank of England approve the discussions about relaxing these stricter lending rules, the …

Going Green – More Lenders Expand Their Green Mortgage Range
20th April 2021

By Simon Gilvey

  Building and maintaining energy efficient homes is a central part of our country’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. With this at the forefront of a growing number of homeowners and landlords and tenants’ minds, it’s great to see many lenders taking note and introducing innovative ‘green’ mortgage products to meet this demand. If …

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